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Chughtaiz is one of the most prestigious and leading manufacturer of customised designer kitchens and wardrobes in Pakistan.

With the latest manufacturing technology, we bring together industry expertise with European understanding, innovation and functionality in all our products. To further differentiate our products, we provide a wide range of customisation, leaving no room for any space/area design constraints. At Chughtaiz, we believe in no boundaries when it comes to designing for our clients.
Our products are ‘The trend setter’- they are beautiful, flexible as well as clever when it comes to blending European design with our Pakistani market's needs. In addition, we have the reputation for being the very best. Just after a year of ‘Chughtaiz The Trend Setter' launch, Chughtaiz was the only award winning kitchen company at the prestigious Arc Asia and IAP Expo 2010.

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